About us

Energia Europa is a company with headquarters, R&D and production unit in the North East of Italy which develops and produces innovative systems for the energy efficiency of production sites, retail stores and office units. The heart of its production is represented by the patented E-Power system, which allows the achievement of real efficiency in an electrical line, therefore true energy saving with equal output.

We supply our E-Power systems to many important clients throughout Europe in many different business fields, including almost all major retail chains and primary manufacturers in the plastic, mechanics, chemical and automotive industries.

However, achieving true energy efficiency is not only a major benefit for the company which adopts our solution but also for the sustainability of the planet. Saving energy means reducing considerably the CO2 emissions in atmosphere, therefore contributing to slow down pollution and climate change. We take very seriously our social responsibility concerning the environment, so that all our feasibility projects developed for our customers give equal importance to the financial and the environmental benefits.

We are very proud of our contribution to environmental sustainability!