E-Power Mini


E-power mini: the new jewel of Energia Europa

The E-Power Mini series is the new jewel of Energia Europa: the innovative E-Power technology is sized and optimised to serve small industrial, commercial and business centre settings.

E-Power Mini has been designed to enclose all the innovative, optimised functions of the E-Power system in an extremely compact device, in order to produce energy efficiency in modern electrical systems by reducing losses and disturbances.


E-power mini: why it is so important

EP-Mini has been designed to produce energy efficiency in sites and systems featuring low installed power with low voltage delivery. Meeting the needs of less energy-intensive facilities, that had however become so widespread to have a large impact at a national level, was of primary importance within a manufacturing and economic fabric like the Italian one.

This is why the need for a completely redesigned energy saving solution targeting small organisations arose. This new energy saving product was also conceived to align with SMEs’ consumption extent and investment opportunities, so as to be able to offer the same advantages to all companies, regardless of their size: no waste, greater efficiency, fast return on investments.

E-Power Mini available sizes

EP-Mini 25 A, EP-Mini 50 A, EP-Mini 63 A, EP-Mini 80 A, EP-Mini 100 A, EP-Mini 125 A.

The EP-Mini series will soon be complemented by the innovative two-stage EP-Mini Plus.


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