Energy consumption decreasing and environment protection

Our company’s goal is to reduce and prevent energy consumption by improving energy efficiency. Remarkable reductions can be achieved through the application of our systems, especially in energy-intensive industries.

By 2020 the EU is committed to cut down on 20% the annual energy consumption. Our systems can immediately reduce it, without any changes to the existing facilities.

Energia Europa S.p.A, through its products, helps to the safeguard the planet and its natural resources. As part of common heritage of mankind this must be more and more protected and preserved: the cleanest energy is the one we save.

All Energia Europa technologies are internally developed and then customized to suit our clients needs, in order to always achieve highers standards of quality.


Energia Europa makes it possible via innovative and efficient solutions, achieved through years of experiments and applications. The company has projected itself into the future, designing and producing systems as E-BOX, E-POWER and E-CONTROLLER.

Adventages: Sustainable Investment - Longer life of the Electrical Equipment - Energy Efficiency Formula - Reduced CO2 emissions - Reduced Maintenance Costs