Incentives for energy efficiency and emission reduction

The range of incentives and concessions granted by Italian and European bodies is available for all companies opting for E-Power solutions.
The effectiveness and degree of innovation of the E-Power system are recognised and validated by government bodies both in Italy and abroad, thus granting access to various Italian and European benefits aimed at companies that make the most of technologies to achieve energy efficiency and emission reduction.
In particular, as E-Power technology was validated in Italy by the GSE (Energy Services Provider), companies which install E-Power can be granted TEEs (Energy Efficiency Titles), according to the decree currently in force.
In addition, E-Power falls into the range of technologies that benefit of all tax credits granted by “Industry 4.0” standards.

Incentives and Concessions: Energia Europa’s overall consultancy services

In 2017, the E-Power technology was approved and certified by the Finnish Ministry of Economy and Labour, thus ensuring full accessibility to government subsidies issued for companies adopting energy efficiency and emission reduction technological solutions.
Since Energia Europa operates at a European level, we provide consultancy on concessions at a European level as well, and preliminarily check the set of incentives that a single company can benefit from in order to optimise investments.

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