White certificates


About White Certificates

White certificates, also referred to as Energy Efficiency Titles (TEE), are incentives created at a European level for the achievement of primary energy reduction targets.
These targets were set within the scope of the Climate-Energy 20-20-20 package, following the Kyoto Protocol, and are:
• Reducing CO2 emissions by 20%
• Raising the share of energy produced from renewable sources to 20%
• Increasing energy savings by 20%

The targets must all be achieved by 2020
White certificates were introduced to our country through a ministerial decree by 2005.
The standards underlying them require that electricity and natural gas distributors annually achieve certain targets in terms of saved energy quantities, to be measured in saved Tonnes of Oil Equivalent (TOE).
A white certificate (TEE) is equivalent to saving 1 TOE.

E-Power: Energy Services Providers and Energy efficiency certificates

By integrating the E-Power technology, companies can be granted the white certificates issued by Energy Services Providers.
This means that both the E-Power device and the measurement protocol endorsed to check results were reviewed and deemed to be suitable by the Energy Services Provider.

It should be emphasised that the Energy Services Provider periodically reviews the guidelines to obtain the TEEs and, therefore, keeping updated on this is recommended.

The Energy Services Provider’s current directives on obtaining white certificates as a result of the installation of the E-Power system by a company provide for a minimum annual saving threshold of 10 TOE (approximately 50,000 kWh) and a 7-year delivery period.
The current value of a TEE is around € 230.

Energia Europa’s consultancy services

Our interest is to provide energy saving, efficiency and emission reduction systems:
at an industrial level, being able to access concessions in the form of contributions and incentives is essential.
This is why we are not only the creators and suppliers of the E-Power system, but we also offer comprehensive advice to maximise investments and obtainable energy savings.
For example, white certificates can only be combined with certain types of concessions (local, regional and community), and not with other government measures.
We provide energy managers with a timely, updated overview also in terms of incentives, financing and concessions.


White certificates can only be combined for some types of concessions:
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