Mass Retailing


Energia Europa for Mass Retailing

Mass retailing is one of the largest energy-intensive sectors.
The implementation of the E-Power system for energy savings can give immediate, wide-ranging benefits to this sector, which is particularly significant and widespread throughout the country.
Not only that: the current structure of the leading groups and major mass retailing chains enabled us to install E-Power at an international level, thereby broadening awareness of the goodness of our product throughout Europe.

Mass retailing strength

In a highly competitive sector such as mass retailing, it is essential to know how to provide added value as well as raising awareness on the need to support and respect the environment.
The improvement of energy efficiency, guaranteed by E-Power and certified at a European level, makes it possible to achieve energy saving and emission reduction goals, and becomes a major plus to be linked to one’s brand identity, in order to challenge competition within the scope of green innovation.


Scoprire quanto può aumentare l’efficienza energetica
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