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Energia Europa e ABB: co- marketing activities

Recently, ABB Italy and Energia Europa have reached a marketing agreement which includes a series of joint activities to be implemented in the near future.

Energia Europa is proud to have been selected among ABB clients as one of the “reference companies” to be associated with the prestigious Swiss multi-national company.

E-Power, in fact, is equipped with the patented Bypass system which mounts an ABB Emax2 disconnector ensuring two main functions: on the one hand, it allows the machine to ensure the power supply continuity of the system, isolating the machine in real time in the event of malfunctioning or line problems; on the other hand, it allows the switching, according to a predefined protocol, between the two operating modes (Bypass and Saving modes) so allowing a precise comparison between the operation with and without filter, measuring the exact value of the energy saving.

This cooperation includes the joint participation as sponsor and speaker to international events and symposiums dedicated to energy efficiency and industrial innovation.

As of today, this agreement has produced the development of an ABB newsletter which has been published on ABB website and sent to its Italian partners and clients and the development of a more technical article which will soon be forwarded by ABB communication office to the main media of the field. 



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