Interview with Barbara Dietrich, CEO of Diplomatic World Magazine


In these days we have had the pleasure and honor to speak with Ms. Barbara Dietrich, CEO and President Diplomatic World, has dedicated to answer our questions, related to the choice to mention in Diplomatic World Magazine nr.63 Energia Europa as Italian excellence in energy efficiency market:

Why was it decided to mention in DWM nr.63 Energia Europa and E-Power technology?

I have been informed from a colleague about the E-Power energy saving device in Belgium. I was very surprised that nobody talked about it, nobody wrote about it, when it is a right solution against energy losses for industries, buildings, etc. I was convinced and wanted to learn more about the E-Power device. As Diplomatic World we are interested on innovative and sustainable technologies that could be of major interest for our Diplomatic World Community.

Will there be repercussions on the investments planned for the Green Deal after what is happening with the Covid-19 in Europe?

At this actual moment and unfortunately, we don’t know. The fact is that we have to treat our energy resources and care about our planet and climate as soon as possible! And the E-Power technology is an excellent way to contribute to this objective…

When will the DWM nr.63 be published?

Estimated publication date is still to be defined as we don’t know precisely when due to the Corona crises. For the moment, we can only reach our Diplomatic World Magazine readers online. Everyone is at home, we are in lockdown, and we do not know for how long the condition lasts.