The Diplomatic World Magazine goes digital on E-Power


The Diplomatic World Institute informed us that the date for publishing the paper version of the magazine with a long article on E-Power and the Smart Energy Lab is still uncertain; it could be next July or even next September. Due to the Coronavirus crises, most of the government officials and the EU institutions are not present in their offices but they are still working from home, therefore unable to access all documentation and correspondence which is physically delivered to their offices.

Since the Diplomatic World Institute doesn’t want to lose the momentum, the immediate feasible option remains the digital version! It has been decided, therefore, to publish the complete article on both Diplomatic World websites and social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. The digital article also mentions the latest agreement signed by our Spanish distributor Ecogreen Global with the Municipality of Madrid, which will lead to the installation of our E-Power devices in about 40 public buildings in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

Here is the link to the digital version of DWM article:

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