The prestigious Belgian magazine “Diplomatic World” is focusing on E-Power

energia europa team diplomatic world ceo
Left to Right - Mr. Daniele Chiumento, Int. Business Development Responsible EE - Ms. Barbara Dietrich, CEO & President Diplomatic World - Mr. Stefano De Giorgis, CEO & President EE

Recently, Energia Europa welcomed in its Italian headquarters the Diplomatic World Institute management, publisher of the “Diplomatic World” magazine with distribution in Belgium and other European capitals, which will dedicate a wide coverage on the E-Power device in its next edition of the Diplomatic World Magazine nr.63, which will be available since March 2020.

Diplomatic World Institute is very interested on the efficiency results that can be obtained with the E-Power especially in terms of environmental sustainability, in particular CO2 emissions reduction. The coverage will focus on the E-Power installation at the INFN lab located in Padua, one of the most brilliant energy saving projects ever conducted by Energia Europa. INFN stands for the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics, a true European excellence in the field of advanced research on particles physics, where an E-Power 800 A was installed at the end of 2016 mainly for its environmental benefits.

The magazine will also publish the recent Power Quality R&D research developments conducted by the Smart Energy Lab, the joint research laboratory co-managed by the University of Florence and Energia Europa led by Prof. dr. Francesco Grasso, to further improve the benefits produced by the E-Power device in terms of environmental sustainability, especially CO2 emissions reduction.

Diplomatic World Institute publishers of Diplomatic World Magazine is an influential magazine published in Brussels on a quarterly basis since 2001 (19 years), which is distributed mainly through subscription to Royal Families, the Embassies in Brussels, Diplomats, all Members of the European Parliament, the DG’s of the European Commission, the European Council, Members of the Belgian Government, Heads of States, plus a broad range of influential economic forums and organizations, leaders across industries, advocacy, consultancy bureaus and think tanks in Brussels and in other capital cities in Europe, linking to a global institutional base including bodies within the United Nations. Diplomatic World usually focuses on topics such as cultural events, arts, sciences, Health and literature, socio-economic trends and environmental sustainability. The upcoming article on Energia Europa innovating E-Power device falls within Innovating Technologies and Environment. ( &