Pure Energy maximum savings



E-CONTROLLER is a web-based electronic system, suitable for monitoring and managing automatic actions of industrial and domestic plants.

E-CONTROLLER can be placed inside the cabinet and manage, through a remote SIM card, the whole electrical system. It allows to set up alerts, to change the energy saving level of your equipment and to display electrical parameters such as power, voltage, current, power factor, kWh.

E-CONTROLLER, together with E-BOX, E-POWER and E-LED, enables an instant analysis of the savings achieved, as well as the management of all the electrical values, allowing an accurate energy accounting.

 E-CONTROLLER is a hardware device based on Web technology. The LINUX operating system ensures stability and performance, while access to information pages and configuration occurs via standard browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer ® or Firefox®. Therefore, it does not require any additional softwares, and access can be multiple and made from different workstations.

This monitoring and control unit can also operate independently thanks to local display and keyboard. Remote connection takes place via Ethernet™ or using a GPRS modem. The data are stored on board and then downloaded into a central server.


The ECONTROLLER system was designed to be perfectly integrated in EPOWER and EBOX systems. With the calendar option it is possible to programme different savings levels for different machine daily operation times during the whole year. With the light threshold option it is possible to programme, during the whole period of machine operation, different levels of savings tied to different light conditions identified by a probe supplied with the system. For the EPOWER series, ECONTROLLER continuously monitors the input power inside the system, which instantly optimises applicable saving.

When used in combination with EBOX and EPOWER, the ECONTROLLER system displays and catalogues all the electric saving measurement values over time, certifying in this way the true savings obtained. In the remote version it has complete control of the machine in terms of reading, programmable calendar control, and settable energy saving levels. ECONTROLLER, through the datalogger function and load management, gives important savings in energy consumption thanks to continuous monitoring and the programmed cut of the electric loads, held as being less important.

The ECONTROLLER system is equipped with customized management software that shows the double energy curves in bypass and saving, enhancing the energy saving, both immediate and over a long period.