Pure Energy maximum savings


E-HOME was created to satisfy the energy saving requirements of single SOHO users covering, through series extensions, all the power sizes that the European market requests.
Installed immediately after the electric panel of the home in which energy is to be saved, the E-HOME system adjusts and stabilises the power delivered inside the system by controlling current and voltage, permitting complete control of the network and eliminating possible heat losses from the system.

The EHOME system can be applied in homes and small offices; it manages an installed power of up to 9 kVA made up of:

  • illumination, televisions, ovens, fridges, freezers, lights.


EHOME acts on the domestic electric system, bringing many benefits:

  • less heat loss
  • decreased reactive energy with a resulting increase in the system power factor
  • filtering of the peaks from the national network that at times enter our domestic electric system
  • preservation of domestic apparati in general (lights, household appliances, PCs, televisions)

and in economic terms:

  • saving in bills of up to 10%
  • electric appliances are protected and therefore their life is extended; this in turn reduces the frequency at which they are replaced with a consequent environmental benefit
  • substantial reduction of the CO2 emitted by the system.

The EHOME base unit presents itself as an IP65 plastic box and makes it possible to save up to 3 kVA on electric systems, by way of relative additional modules of 3 kVA (up to a maximum of 2). The whole system can reach powers of up to 9 kVA.