Warranty and Certifications

All the Energia Europa products come with a 24 months warranty, which may also be extended after technical inspection. The savings are contractually guaranteed, as electric energy quantity measuring tools immediately check obtained values both before and after installation.

The savings you get with the installation of Energia Europa products can be quantified in terms of lower emissions of CO2 and in economic terms; these results may be communicated and published in your corporate annual report.

Our corporate policy about products distribution is based on the sustainability of resources in terms of energy efficiency: our systems always pay for themselves with the savings achieved.

Energia Europa is accredited E.S.C.O., making interventions aimed at saving energy and improving certifiable energy efficiency systems.

Our systems are innovative, produced according to safety certifications and easy installation - downstream of the general switchboard (light or light and motive) and upstream of the entire distribution system. Our certification and after-sale services are able to give all the necessary details to the energy managers and provide a valuable tool to understand energy costs (energy efficiency certification, ISO 50001).


Energia Europa’s energy saving systems are produced in compliance with ISO 9001 and VDE processes.

Our systems are CE and VDE marked, Ul approval pending.