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Maximum saving

Innovative solution for the energy efficiency of companies

An innovative passive filter that achieves energy efficiency in the electrical systems of companies by reducing losses and improving power quality.
The innovative E-Power technology designed to serve small business and residential systems.


Find out about the companies that have already turned to Energia Europa and are benefiting from the E-power and EP-mini solutions.

Zero Carbon Target

E-Power officially enters as a solution validated by Zero Carbon Target: a new opportunity that allows companies to obtain the prestigious carbon neutrality certification.

Research & Development

Research & development generates innovation & reliability. Energia Europa has a laboratory for high-level advanced electrotechnical research, the Smart Energy Lab, that is managed jointly with the University of Florence. It also co-operates with Madrid and Krefeld universities.


Energia Europa co-operates with leading partners in scientific research and in the development of innovative, increasingly optimised and integrated energy efficiency solutions.
The Web Labs are contents entirely managed by Energia Europa and created for an audience of clients, professionals and consultants. Topics range from climate change to energy concessions, from energy saving to AI, with a view to further study a wide range of common interest issues.
Energia Europa’s webinars are contents provided jointly with H25, aimed at an audience of professionals (engineers, experts, energy managers). The main issue is power quality, in particular its effects and importance for energy saving.

Environmental benefits

Energy efficiency brings immediate, long-lasting economic gains, together with widespread, far-reaching environmental benefits: lower kWh consumption, lower CO2 emissions, less machinery maintenance and replacement, with energy and raw materials savings also in the downstream supply chain.

Incentivi & Agevolazioni

Energy efficiency goals have entered the international political agenda. Energia Europa is constantly updated on both Italian tax incentives and international energy concessions to offer targeted advice. This enables customers to plan and optimise the implementation of actions with the support of the relevant bodies.


Assess the convenience of installing an E-power system from Energia Europa for the energy efficiency of your business.


The blog/news section is focused on weekly in-depth studies about key issues for Energia Europa and topics of interest for customers, partners and web surfers:

Energy efficiency – Environmental sustainability – Latest news from the world of research – Reduction of emissions



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